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I'm a girl who's trying to be strong, fast and look good in a bikini. Experimenting with diet and exercise prevents boredom and love-handles. KJMcAwesome is my partner in crime.

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Results page from my VO2 max test a couple weeks ago. Pretty stoked to see my measured max was 48.2 which is pretty effing great (for my age, anything above 40 is fantastic). The most important part was seeing where my heart rate/fat burning zones are though. For IMLT I’ll need to stay in fat burning as much as possible. If I can keep most of the bike to ~150-160 bpm, I’ll be in a good place without needing to take on too much nutrition. 

Also, my recovery rate seems pretty good. Thats great news for keeping my heart rate down for the marathon. I see a run/walk strategy in my future. :)

  1. kjmcawesome said: Oh great, your fitness level is “superior”. I’m sure you won’t have any problem reminding me of this!
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