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This is Awesome

Vineman is this Sunday!  

Things I’m excited about:

  • I feel prepared
  • My first Ironman branded race
  • Swimming in my new Roka wetsuit
  • The mostly flat bike/run course
  • Cookies at the run aid stations. I love treats.
  • Crushing my previous 70.3 times (see flat bike/run course)

Things I’m nervous about:

  • It’s my first triathlon in 2 months. I feel prepared but out of practice, if that makes sense
  • My new Roka wetsuit not being the savior I hope it will be
  • The split exchange. It’s scary to give up my run stuff the day before the race. What if I forget something?!
  • How hot it could be. I have a tendency to wither. 
  1. dontstoptriing said: I would love to be able to do vineman someday! Good luck!
  2. michelelash said: You’re going to do great. Have fun!
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    I’m stoked about this race too! I’ll add one more concern: No taper! We are treating like this as a long training day,...
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