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I'm a girl who's trying to be strong, fast and look good in a bikini. Experimenting with diet and exercise prevents boredom and love-handles. KJMcAwesome is my partner in crime.

Triathlete, Runner, Cyclist, Gym Rat

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This is Awesome

Green magic chia got me through arms day!

Aww, thanks guys :D  I’m just not used to looking so..thick. But with great strength comes beefy thighs & arms I suppose. 

Aww, thanks guys :D  I’m just not used to looking so..thick. But with great strength comes beefy thighs & arms I suppose. 

Morning hike with the dogger in my hillbilly nerd costume aka pajamas (the cleaners showed up early so I got outta their way).
Afternoon short run which should have felt easier than it did. Yesterday was legs day so a bit stiff.

Sundays 10k trail run. Looks like I could stand to lose a few lbs. :/

10k trail race day at Huddart Park in Woodside. kjmcawesome got 1st overall and I landed 7th for the ladies!

I did tough mudder in upstate New York last Saturday! I spent a week in NY and am finally home and getting back in the groove. Back to back PT yesterday and today. Running this afternoon.

Sometimes I say fuck everything and I wear a half shirt and be all strong and shit…in a bathroom

Jude wants to hang with me on the surfboard

Today I woke up with epic bed head, I did arms day at the gym then pool surfed with Jude. If kjmcawesome stops being lame, I’d like to see some fireworks (he’s napping).

Yesterday’s trail run was an effort to remember why I love running. I’ve been struggling lately and hating my training runs. It took going to the mountains to run in the redwoods and making kjmcawesome run ahead of me to make me finally relax and just enjoy the time.
The run file is his and I only went about 9.5mi. Ditching the tracker, not worrying about distance/pace and running alone through the woods reminded me why I do this.
Let’s do this again.

I’m on a journey to remember why I run. Maybe I just need to get those addiction brain chemicals flowing again…

Even if my running is falling apart, I’m still staying active. Working on tearing up the old (slanted) patio so we can build a new deck.

This is me, pissed, in my car after quitting a 10 mile run 2 miles in because the goddamn wind is blowing 20mph and I couldn’t hardly walk much less run at any decent pace.
Why I keep coming to this bullshit trail to run is beyond me.
I’m so over this shit. I’m so close to just bailing on this stupid race so I can go back to doing workouts I enjoy instead of feeling like I suck at everything all the time.

Evening run after moving bricks all day. No, literally moving bricks. 💪

I’m at a soft rock concert. Mustache Harbor. Play the part.