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Had a lovely 2 mile hike with the junior league ladies today!

Now that I’m no longer in hiding, I can finally share what’s been going on my first trimester! 

I’ve always eaten pretty healthy and I assumed when I got pregnant I would be this crazy, driven, health food machine that only consumed fresh pressed juice, kale and grass-fed free-range chicken breast.

Oh boy, WAS I WRONG. I believe this is going to be the first of a looooooong list of things I don’t see coming about pregnancy. 

There was an upside to my first trimester: I didn’t really get morning sickness. How obnoxious, I know. But what I did get? An insatiable carb craving. When I heard about pregnancy cravings before, I was all “pish posh, I crave stuff sometimes too but it’s not like I HAVE to have it”.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is not like that AT ALL. If I did not have some sort of food, namely some sort of carb (english muffins and tortillas were a staple), about every two hours, I would feel like I was starving to the point of black-out. Dizzy, light-headed and sometimes mean [sorry kjmcawesome] I would have to stop what I was doing and shove food down my throat at warp speed. I had to carry purse snacks. We had to eat at the Home Depot snack stand. I dipped cheese into salt on more than one occasion. I could polish off half a baguette in 5 minutes flat, and I didn’t hold back on the butter. It was a dark time.  

Oh, and did I mention I had a horrible aversion to chicken?? Even thinking about chicken made my stomach to flips and I would get all gaggy, which was weird since I never got nauseous (outside of exercise but that’s another post). The very existence of chicken offended me. 

So, there I was thinking I was going to be this whole-food eating, carb-avoiding, no-weight-gaining pregnant lady who can’t even LOOK at lean meats and will stab someone for a grilled cheese sandwich. It was a shock. 

But you know what? It’s ok. I no longer will sell my soul for a tortilla with butter and I can even eat some chicken if it’s cut up real small and hiding in other food. I gained about 5lbs from my carb craze but hey, most of it’s in my boobs. Silver lining, really. 

Ultimately I’m glad I got knocked down a peg so early on. I’ve learned that things don’t always go the way you think they should and I’ve got a feeling things like that are going to keep happening on this whole parenthood journey. 

My friend Megan got us our first onsie! I like it.

Legs day today! My bum is gonna be sore.

Almost 4 months along. I’ve gained about 5 lbs (I blame massive carb cravings the 1st trimester) and not really showing. I can tell I’m a little thicker around the middle but no one else can tell.
Since I’m tall (5’9”) I probably won’t show for a little while. I’m kinda bummed though, I want a little baby bump!

Is this pretentious to wear? :D

Is this pretentious to wear? :D

We’re expecting baby Kevbra in March! Now you all know why I’ve dropped off the map ;)

Sums up most of the races I sign up for. 

Sums up most of the races I sign up for. 

Ironman Lake Tahoe 2014 cancelled due to wild fire smoke :(

Walk/jog with Jude! We went a little over 3 miles but the first part was just walking. Yesterday was legs day so I’m just happy I could move that far!

Hey look, I finished my closet! Now kjmcawesome has his clothes in our room too! AND we can actually walk inside!

I’m renovating our master closet! Very top photo is before in all its disastrous glory. The old shelving wasn’t a very good use of space so I ripped it all out & am installing a new system.
Patching drywall and painting has already vastly improved it.

Got my pull up on film! This was my second one this morning so a little slower (and a tiny bit of kipping) but I’m happy with it!!

I did one unassisted pull up today! And my first attempt was 99% of an unassisted pull up. So yay!!

Dog photo bomb while working on my pull ups this weekend