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I'm a girl who's trying to be strong, fast and look good in a bikini. Experimenting with diet and exercise prevents boredom and love-handles. KJMcAwesome is my partner in crime.

Triathlete, Runner, Cyclist, Gym Rat

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This is Awesome

Walk/jog with Jude! We went a little over 3 miles but the first part was just walking. Yesterday was legs day so I’m just happy I could move that far!

Hey look, I finished my closet! Now kjmcawesome has his clothes in our room too! AND we can actually walk inside!

I’m renovating our master closet! Very top photo is before in all its disastrous glory. The old shelving wasn’t a very good use of space so I ripped it all out & am installing a new system.
Patching drywall and painting has already vastly improved it.

Got my pull up on film! This was my second one this morning so a little slower (and a tiny bit of kipping) but I’m happy with it!!

I did one unassisted pull up today! And my first attempt was 99% of an unassisted pull up. So yay!!

Dog photo bomb while working on my pull ups this weekend

I still exercise, I swear! Spin 1-2x per week, training with Marc 2x/week and I’ve added a TRX class once a week. Unfortunately I haven’t taken photos so here’s one of my new white (grey? purple?) hair.

I was not feeling very confident about this marathon. I burned out about 3 weeks ago and my long runs before that had been mediocre.
On the advice of my trainer, I decided to just worry about a finish, not a sub 4 so I didn’t wear my garmin watch. I ran by feel at a comfortable pace and just tried my best.
Turns out, the training miles I put in really counted! This is the most I’ve ever trained for a marathon (I know I know, I under train) but I PR-ed by 5 minutes! I’m sore but not broken and felt happy and strong for most of the race. What a great day!
And extra congrats to robbsrunning for running that sh*t twice!! I kept an eye out for you & was thinking about you all race! You’re a rockstar!!

Race day tomorrow. I’m betting you didn’t know Under Armour made sports thongs.

Green magic chia got me through arms day!

Aww, thanks guys :D  I’m just not used to looking so..thick. But with great strength comes beefy thighs & arms I suppose. 

Aww, thanks guys :D  I’m just not used to looking so..thick. But with great strength comes beefy thighs & arms I suppose. 

Morning hike with the dogger in my hillbilly nerd costume aka pajamas (the cleaners showed up early so I got outta their way).
Afternoon short run which should have felt easier than it did. Yesterday was legs day so a bit stiff.

Sundays 10k trail run. Looks like I could stand to lose a few lbs. :/

10k trail race day at Huddart Park in Woodside. kjmcawesome got 1st overall and I landed 7th for the ladies!

I did tough mudder in upstate New York last Saturday! I spent a week in NY and am finally home and getting back in the groove. Back to back PT yesterday and today. Running this afternoon.