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This is Awesome

It was a blustery afternoon so I did my run on the treadmill (and snuck a photo). My buns are sore from training yesterday so it was a bit slow.

Today was the first interval workout of marathon training. Super light, 4x20 sec fast pace plus 4 regular miles.

8 miles down this morning. I hate being cold so of course I overdressed for the weather. Stripped down at mile 4 even though I HATE running in my sports bra. Desperate times.
And now, to brunch!!

What a difference the night makes! De-bloated and I think I’ll have salad today. Please pardon my resting bitch face, I just woke up.

This is quite possibly the most bloated I’ve ever been in my life. It’s kind of amazing. BELLLLLLY!!!
But seriously, it’s hilarious. My skin actually hurts. The food culprit? I’m not sure, but all I’ve eaten today is a gyro wrap, 1 chicken tamale & a sweet potato. I’m thinking the tamale.
Unless I pee 49839 times before brunch tomorrow, I don’t see that blue dress happening.

Saturday run in his/her matching saucony’s.

Now that I’m deep into training again & am sans job, I live most my life in workout clothes. So when I have a chance to wear real clothes, I get pretty excited and pull everything out of my closet.
I’m headed to a ladies Easter brunch in San Francisco on Sunday. What dress should I wear? Would it be weird if I changed halfway through? Should I get out of the house more?



Festka Rapha Continental

This would do.

I got some dust on my new saucony’s today. Got to break them in sometime!

A great article sent to me by Marc which explains why eating more is good. I struggle with this..when I want to lose weight, I exercise more and eat less and don’t get results. I took this weekend to “refeed” and started this week with energy. 

I’m alive! We got home from Tahoe on monday in time for my spin class, I did this slow ass run on Tuesday and had training with Marc yesterday. Today is a 4-5 mile run on my sore legs.

What a perfect weekend.

Off to Lake Tahoe for the weekend! I’m ready for my rest day tomorrow and my glass of wine!!

Chunky monkey status! Ugh, nothing like seeing your love handles in 3D. I’ve got some work to do.

Planned to go 5. Wasn’t feeling it so took the shortcut back. I need to get my mojo back.